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Portland Media Works

Our video production company can capture high quality video of your sessions.

Here are a few samples of live-in-studio sessions we've created for the radio show/podcast, Sessions from the Box

  • Snug as F@ck1:02
  • Four Track Stomper1:02
  • Cream1:03
  • Being Human1:01
  • Tantrum1:03
  • This One1:03
  • Uphill Both Ways1:06
  • Black Hill Smoke1:06
  • MMW Live on SFTB1:06
  • Altered Beast1:06
  • Sociopath1:04
  • Ding Dong The Party's Over1:06
  • Speck Mountain1:06
  • Gettin Through1:05


Here you will find a brief sampling of recent sessions recorded and/or mixed at the Fur Vault, as well as some pictures. Check back for updates every so often, or if you are interested in hearing more or touring the studio, please don't hesitate to contact us.

 Recording Studio