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Jason Driver: Music Producer

Jason Driver (JD) began his career in music over 25 years ago as a live sound engineer and studio engineer.  Working for a University audio department from 1989-1992 gave JD a firm foundation in analog recording, signal routing and live sound engineering.  Working as a "soundman" in clubs and on the road with bands from 89-96 gave JD the experience to set up and mix bands efficiently.  In 1992 Driver joined the band Ben Sniffinglu as a bassist and played his first live shows as an opening act for Green Day.  After getting hooked on playing bass, from '96 through 2005 the audio engineering took a back seat for several years.  Playing in bands from 1992-98 Driver became focused on becoming a professional bassist and moved to Los Angeles in 1999.  His experience in LA allowed him to develop his musicality and began learning multiple instruments.  In 2001 JD began teaching private lessons in guitar, bass and music theory, garnering 20 to 30 students per week in the LA area.  In 2005 he began moving back toward the engineering and recording side of music.  Now having experience in several facets of the music biz, Driver is focused on becoming a successful music producer.  The culmination of experience from 1989 through today, combined with a "natural ear" for mixing, has given JD the knowledge and ability needed to help bands and songwriters find their best sound.  Driver has recorded and mixed hundreds of bands as an engineer, and worked with bands as a producer.  JD is owner and partner in two studios in the Portland area.  Fur Vault PDX is a perfect pre-production and editing studio with low rates and powerful editing tools.  B-Side Studios is a top-notch professional studio with everything you need to make a professional recording.  Contact JD to set up a consultation appointment for engineering, mixing or producing your next music project.  He can work with any reasonable budget to help bands get the best product possible within the always present constraints of time and money.

Jason Driver has worked with many musicians and bands over the years, in many facets of music.  Here are some of those artists: 


Punkinhead, Paul Boatright, Vore, POW!, Charlotte Wincott, Annie Barker, Paola Zelner, Erich Schneider, Radio Star, Rhymin' Reason, Sheila Stone, Grammercy Riffs, Mike Prichard, Erin Ford, Elizabeth Strelow, Cori Teeple, James Faretheewell, Macy Bensley, Greg Thelan, Boaz Frankel, Rob Finch, Eight53, Psychotropic, Brent Kutzle and Brennan Strawn (Monarch), Pseudophiles, The Cookie Sound, Sleepy Sun, Jennifer Fulford, Kill the Kids, Liliana Penaherrera, Shama, Jan-Joy SaxMighty Misc and Buck Turtle, Jacob Westfall, Violet Winter, Profcal, Medeski Martin and Wood, Ponderosa, Bleeding Rainbow, Super Water Sympathy, Speck Mountain, Lenka, Oh Darling, Lauren Mann and The Fairly Odd Folk, The Mike Dillon Band, Radiation City, Jesca Hoop, Eliza Rickman, Prima Donna, Jail Weddings, The Purrs, Cate Le Bon, Basia Bulat, Subterranean Howl, Peggy Sue, RLLRBLL, Sama Dams, Ash, NTNT, Be Calm Honcho, Soil and the Sun, Sera Cahoone,  The We Shared Milk, Public Service  Broadcasting, Ava Luna, Battleme, The Royal Oui, Haunted Summer, Snowapple, Highasakite, John Black Band... many more...

Music Students

Albie Salsich, Amy Chinelli, Ann and Claire Batcheller, Aziza Hodges, Chiyuki Okada, Christine Carlo, Chris Bender, Derek Kowata, Derek Rundell, Elizabeth Lane, Emilie Adams, Grant DuBose, Leah Carnow, Jordy Wells, John Thomas,  Kate Howroyd, Kate Phillips, Skye Reynolds, Sienna East, Margaret Wilhelm, Nicole Tucker, Minnie Driver, Mike Bender, Lisa Bolan, Hallie Sinclair, Tatum O'Neil, Errol Bilgin, Mikel Elliot, Kevin McLain, Paola Zelner, Richard Spivey, Stephen Melching, Tonya Brinza-Lariviere, Ron Perlman, John Spicer,  Gabriel Brighty, Matt Sepkowitz, Eric Molina, Yoon Chang, David Kipper, Pia Zadora, Samir Shehab, Mike Recht, John Paisley ...more

Performance/Studio (musician)

Ben Sniffinglu, the Ruby Crush, Blueshead Beggars, Punkinhead, Supergene, POW!, Venessa Dafron, Trevor Lynch, Claudine, Stirling, Wade, Charlotte Wincott, Paola Zelner, Erich Schneider, Erin Ford, Elizabeth Strelow, Cori Teeple, James Faretheewell, Bellacodas...more

Thank you to all past, present and future clients for your business and referrals. If you have recorded or worked with Jason Driver,  Driver Recording, or Fur Vault and you don't see your name here, please contact us so we can get you on list!