Manley Force (4x)
API 3124+ (4x)
Vintech Model 473 (4x)
Focusrite ISA 428 MK2 (4x)
Universal Audio 4-710D (4x)
Avalon Design AD2022 (2x)
Earthworks 1024 zdt (4x)
DBX 386 (2x)

Apogee Symphony IO
​ (32 in and 24 out)


Avid C|24

Dangerous Music 2-Bus LT summing mixer 

TL Audio Ebony summing mixer

IGS Tubecore 3U Mastering compressor

Manley ELOP

Imperical Labs EL7 Fatso Jr


Mac Pro 12- core 2.4ghz 32 gig tower
THREE (3) 1TB internal hard drive
128 Gig solid state internal hard drive
Pro Tools HDX PCIe card
Protools HD 11
TWO (2) UAD-2 Octo PCIe cards
UAD-2 Ultimate Bundle w/ 90+ plugins
​Softube Amp Room Bundle
WAVES Mercury Native Bundle
East West Symphonic Choirs, Orchestra, Golliath, Ministy of Rock, Pianos Platinum, RA, Storm Drum, Voices Of Passion, The Dark Side
Antares Autotune 8
Antares Avox 4
Reason 4
Digidesign Advanced Logic Protools Keyboard


Neumann U 87 Ai
Neumann TLM 127
(2) Royer R-101 Consecutive Serial #s
(2) AKG C414 XLII Consecutive Serial #s
(2) Earthworks M30BX -mp
Neuman KM184
AEA N22 Ribbon
TWO (2) Rode NT5 MP
Shure SM7B
Two (2) Sennheiser MD421
​Telefunken DD5 drum pack
Telefunken M80
Telefunken M81
Sennheiser e945
Shure Beta 87A
Audix D6
Audix D4
Two (2) Audix D2
Audix D1
Two (2) Shure SM57
Shure SM58
Audio Technica AT-897
Radial Pro Passive DI
Radial Pro D2 passive stereo DI
Radial J48 Active DI
Cloud Lifter Z
​Cloud Lifter CL2

Pair of Focal Twin6 Be
w/ Focal sub6
Pair of Genelec 8030B
iHome Clock radio "small speaker check"

-Furman HDS6 Headphone system
  w/ 7 Furman HR6 personal mix stations.
(7) Senheiser HD280 Headphones
(2) Shure SRH440 Headphones
(1) Sony MBRV600 Headphones
(1) Vic Firth Iso headphones

(1) Sennhesier HD201 Headphones


SWR Basic 350
Trace Elliott 4x10 600 watt 1048 Cabinet
Fender Blues Jr (retubed and calibrated)
Mashall Class 5 Head
​Mesa Boogie 1x12 CEL-30 cabinet
Two (2) Celestion Vintage 30 (Janky Box)


Yamaha 4 piece Recording Custom Drum Kit
Ludwig 14" Supraphonic 1966 Snare
PDP 14"snare
Sabian 13" Paragon Hihats
Sabian 14" Paragon Hihats
Sabian Vault 16" crash
Sabian Vault 18" Crash
Sabian Paragon 22" Ride
Pearl hi hat stand
Three (3) PDP Cymbal Stands
​DW 9000-PB Kick pedal
Yamaha Pro Kick pedal
Pearl Snare Stand

Music Man Stingray 4 string fretless bass
Music Man Stingray 4 string fretted bass
Gibson Les Paul Studio Guitar
Fender Telecaster Highway Guita
Martin DM Acoustic Guitar
Ibanez AW300 Acoustic Guitar
Fender FM-53S SB Mandolin

Korg Triton EXTREME 88 keyboard
Roland JX8P
​Akai MPK25 USB/MIDI controller

1 Pair Java Percussion Congas and Stand
African Tempo Djembe
Pair LP Maraccas
​LP Cabasa
Meinl shaker
PAIR LP Jingle sticks
LP Cowbell
Thunder Tube
Alesis Control Pad
​Alesis DM6 Electronic Drum Kit
Alesis kick pad


Boss TU12H Tuner
Boss TU2 Tuner
Yamaha QT1 Metronome
Electro Harmonix Qtron
Electro Harmonix Bass Micro Synth Pedal
Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pedal
Boss Super Overdrive Pedal
DOD Octo Plus Pedal
Digitech Digital Delay Pedal

other various pedals and effects.....

PA system

12 channel mixer
2 power amps
​3 wedge monitors
graphic EQ

.....and more stuff we probably didn't list...come on down and check us out!

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