Mastering per song or album
Mixing songs per ST audio track count

We can mix or master your session no matter where you are...  Don't have access to a pro studio in Uruguay?  Live across town but don't like to drive?  No problem, we can help!

For a limited time we are offering free mastering when you have us mix your session!*

Our rates for remote mixing are as follows:

$100 for songs with up to 16 tracks of audio.  

$150 for songs with 16-24 tracks of audio.

$200 for songs with 24-48 tracks of audio.

Contact us for songs with 48 or more tracks of audio and we will quote you a price.  Also, if you have a multiple song project, you may contact us for a project-based price break.

Mastering rates are $40 song or $400 per album (up to 20 songs!).

You can hear some of our work on the SAMPLES webpage.

Here's how your e-mix or e-master session will work:

1.  The first step is to contact us and let us know you are interested in our remote mixing or mastering service.

2.  If you are unsure of the results and/or have never worked with us before, we will mix or master one track up to 4 minutes in length for free.

3.  Once you have contacted us and we have agreed to a trial run, or you are ready to send us all your tracks, we will get you a secure link where you can upload your files.  *see information below for preparing your files for transfer.

4.  Once you have uploaded your files, we will begin the mixing or mastering of your session.  We usually can have the first draft to you within 24 hours for mastering and within 48-72 hours for mixing (depending on our schedule and the complexity of your track).  If you are on a time crunch, please contact us first to make sure we are not back-logged.

5.  When you receive your first draft, you can let us know of any changes or revisions you would like us to make, then we can move into the finalizing stage.

6.  We offer up to 3 revisions at our base rate.  After the 3rd revision (if for some reason you are still not satisfied with the results) any other revisions will be negotiated at that time.

7.  Once you have signed off on the final mixes, we will send you the finalized files at whatever resolution and file type you would like.

8.  We will keep back-ups of your sessions indefinitely, but if you would like, we can transfer the full session to you after completion.

9.  We're finished!  That's it.  You now have your final mix and/or master and you can move on to duplication!

Please read this before transferring any files!

We use Pro Tools 11HD for our DAW.  If you are using Pro Tools for your session, all you should need to do is send us the full pro tools folder. We usually have no problems opening any files from older versions of Pro Tools.  This folder needs to have your ProTools (either a .ptf or a .ptx) file and your audio folder. Now move on to step 4 below.

If you are using another DAW other than Pro Tools, you will need to take a couple extra fairly easy steps:

1.  First, make sure you consolidate all of your individual tracks so that each audio file starts at the exact same place (IE at the beginning of the song)  If you send us audio files that do not line up, we will ask you to do the transfer again.  It can be extremely time consuming (or impossible) to figure out right where you punched in that awesome guitar solo, or perfect vocal harmony, so please consolidate your tracks so they all line up!  :-)

2.  Please name your tracks in a way that we can easily understand.  In other words, don't send us files with names like "audio 1.02"...  Please rename your tracks "Kick" "Bass" "Lead Vocal" or something relevant to that particular audio track.  

3.  Now create an individual folder on your computer for each song and put all of your audio files for that song in the folder.

4.  Now create a compressed folder (zip file) for the parent folder of each individual song.  You should be able to right-click and create a zip file easily on a pc or a mac.

5.  Usually we will have sent you an email with a secure link to the shared folder where you can upload your files.  Follow the instructions included in the email to complete the upload.  (We can receive files via several avenues.  Google drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, YouSendIt, etc., so we will first have to determine what works best for you.)

That's it!  We will send a confirmation once we have received all the files and have loaded them into a session, then we will give you an expected delivery time and date of your first draft.

*We are currently offering free mastering for any tack we mix for you.  That is a $40 value for free!  Offer ends: July 31st, 2014

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