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Do you love old analog recordings?  So do we!

Our goal is to get the warmth and quality of analog, with the ease and flexibility of digital recording. 

We use a digital recording system that achieves analog results. 

Premier high resolution recording using Apogee Symphony's converters, and choice preamps and microphones, Fur Vault PDX provides exceptional fidelity into our Pro Tools HD 11 system.  Our recording quality is absolutely the best available. 

We record up to 32 tracks at 192k with up to 64 tracks for playback at 192k.  We track and mix large sessions at 96k without any compromises.  We also use Universal Audio mixing and mastering tools on two UAD-2 OCTO PCIe accelerator cards with the Ultimate bundle.

If you've ever been in a digital studio when the computer was not keeping up, you know how frustrating and time wasting that can be.  

At Fur Vault PDX we have more than enough processing power to handle your tracking and mixing sessions.

We cater our services to your needs and create a realistic approach to recording your project within your budget.  

If you want a stripped back live-feel recording, we work to get you tracked and mixed in short order.  If your project requires a more elaborate production, we can help you adapt and organize your studio tasks.  We assist managing your time along with efficient editing.

We've been in the studio as musicians, and know how important it is to keep things focused and on track.  We know time and money is limited and we respect that.  

We're focused on repeat business and having clients leave feeling great about their recording experience.

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