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Apogee Symphony

A wide variety of microphones from Neumann, Royer, AKG, Shure, Senheiser, Earthworks, AEA, etc...running through a selection of pre-amps from API, Avalon, Vintech, UA, Focusrite, Earthworks and more to get a great front end to your audio. Final mix through our Dangerous Music 2-Bus summing mixer into an EL Fatso or a Manley ELOP. Bring your best performance and you are guaranteed a great sound.

One of the most important aspects to recording music is having the artists be in the "right frame of mind."  Here at Fur Vault we have a "musicians perspective" and strive to create a low-stress environment, so you can focus on what you do best.  All the best equipment in the world won't help if the musicians aren't "in the zone."  We will get a headphone mix that works for you, and make sure you never consider the technicalities and just focus on the performance.

With digital recording, the digital converter is the central "brain" of a studio's audio inputs and outputs. Here at the Fur Vault, Apogee's flagship converter, the Symphony I/O is the centerpiece to our recording studio. This amazing piece of gear is the key to getting digital recording convenience, with the sound of high-end analog recording.  Your ears will love it!

Low-Stress Vibe

Fur Vault PDX is a recording studio that caters to artists and bands that want that warm and musical vibe...Want a studio with the sound of analog, yet the flexibility of digital?  Check us out...  

We also do voice-over and video work.  Check out www.portlandmediaworks.com

Looking for a studio to track your next project?  Look no further!

 Recording Studio

Recording Studio in Portland

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Do you love

old analog recordings?

So do we!

Our goal is to get the warmth and quality of analog, with the ease and flexibility of digital recording. We have invested in a digital recording system that achieves analog results.